What to Expect

We are a diverse group of Christians gathered to share God’s grace in a myriad of ways in our daily life. We hope you discover how you might grow in faith and discipleship by being a part of our ministries.

When you come to the church campus, wear what makes you feel comfortable. You don't have to hide your tattoos or piercings. Restrooms are located inside the Worship Hall and in the breezeway to the courtyard.


Worship is held Sundays in English at 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., and in Spanish at 11:30 a.m.

Gatherings are held in the Worship Hall, the large building on the corner of Clairemont Mesa Blvd and Kleefield Ave with the cross steeple and stained glass windows.

You will enter a space called the Narthex, which means entryway. Depending on the Sunday, you may encounter quite a few people in this space talking and sharing informal testimony, as well as choir members and ministers gathering before worship starts.

You will be greeted by an usher. Ushers are there to help you. You may be handed a paper bulletin or program, or they may be on a tray near one of the doors leading into the worship space. The bulletin will contain announcements as well as the order of worship and song selections. Hymnals (the song and worship book) and bibles are in each row of seats. The worship space is typically quiet for prayer and meditation before worship.

Worship will begin with a Prelude, which is music provided by one of our musicians or choirs. Then the chimes will ring, and worship begins with the opening song, sometimes called the gathering hymn. Sometimes announcements may be given first, depending on what's going on that day. Worship will then follow the order listed in the bulletin.

After opening music and reading of the scripture, a sermon or message is offered by one of our ministers, or a special guest speaker. Following the message, a time of intercessory prayer is observed. After prayer, the assembly shares signs of God's peace with each other, usually with a handshake and the words "The peace of the Lord be with you" or "peace be with you." 

Following the peace, Holy Communion or "The Lord's Supper" is observed. All who believe and trust in Jesus are welcome to the altar. Check out the What We Believe section for more on Communion. Gluten free wafers are available. Wine and grape juice are both present at the altar. Please follow the directions of the ushers.

Worship ends with a closing prayer and a benediction, or blessing, offered by one of our ministers. Then the assembly sings a closing hymn. Following the closing hymn, a musical offering called a Postlude is given. Some people choose to stay and listen, and others choose to leave the worship space during this time. Either is appropriate. Worship typically lasts about an hour and 10 minutes.

Following worship, a time of fellowship with coffee and snacks takes place in the courtyard and fellowship hall. Feel free to join us.

Offering is taken during worship, and sometimes outside of worship with the baskets on trays by the doors. Members of the church faithfully give back a portion of their time and treasure to God's work at Clairemont Lutheran Church / Iglesia Luterana. Visitors should not feel pressured to give an offering.

Children are welcome in worship. They can be with you in the Worship Hall or in Sunday School. For children who need more space to move around and just be themselves, parents can sit with them in the Chapel and listen to the worship over the speaker system. The chapel is located in the Worship Hall right off of the entryway.

Bible Studies and Life Groups

Weekly Bible Studies are held to give people an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the scriptures.

No experience is necessary when coming to Bible Study. People come to a study with a lot of different backgrounds, beliefs, questions, and ideas. You don't have to bring a bible. Feel free to ask any questions during or after the study.

Life Groups are generally based around elements that unite people, usually by age and common interest. Just like with Bible Study, Life Groups require no experience with study or discussion. Just come as you are and enjoy the time of fellowship with others.