Celebration Worship Music

Our Celebration Worship follows the traditional pattern of Christian Worship, but tends to be less formal and more on the casual side. It is a blended worship gathering, meaning there are elements of what some would consider as "old school" or traditional worship and also what some would consider modern, contemporary or less deterministic approaches to worship. Despite a blending of cultures and styles, the worship is still focused on the Word of God, prayer, celebrating the Lord's Supper, a special message for the children, and sending us out into the world, empowered by the Spirit to serve God and neighbor.

As far as the music is concerned, we sing older hymns, liturgy, modern hymns/worship songs, folk worship songs, gospel songs, ethno-centric spirituals, contemporary worship songs and praise choruses. There is variety and a little bit of something for everyone. Our Organist and Director of Music Ministries is the primary musician for the worship. 

Special Music

We are currently seeking volunteers to offer special music at our Celebration Worship. Special Music is defined as a solo or group musical offering where the congregation does not explicitly participate, but instead listens and meditates on the music offered.  It is not considered a performance, but rather an offering to God and to the congregation.

Special Music can be any style or type of music. High School or College Music Students are highly encouraged to provide special music for worship. Community members who are not current students are also encouraged to offer special music, however, we ask that you provide a link to your portfolio and/or be prepared to provide a sampling of your repertoire in person before being placed on the calendar. In all cases, and as a courtesy to the congregation, lyrics for vocal music must be pre-approved by a pastor or by the Director of Music Ministries.

Providing special music for Celebration Worship can be a one-time commitment or ongoing commitment. 

Contact the church office for more information. 

Worship Band and Vocal Ensemble

We are seeking individuals who are called to the ministry of song, reading, and prayer to consider using their God-given gifts for leading worship in our faith community. 

We are seeking musicians and vocalists who are familiar with reading sheet music or charts, and who can adapt to different styles of music (traditional to contemporary, as listed above).  Strong lead vocals preferred, but not a requirement. Experience with leading music in mainline Christian churches is a plus, but also not a requirement. In addition to playing instruments and singing, those in the worship band and vocal ensemble may also be called upon to lead prayers (usually scripted) and may also be asked to read scripture or a responsive text as a part of the worship gathering.

The congregation has budgeted weekly compensation for a Praise Music Leader. All other positions are considered voluntary at this time.

Contact the church office for more information.